Enjoy the way you are

Life could be so easy, if you’re able to control it by your own wishes.

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The mountains

Vacation is one of the best things in life. I think, go hiking in the mountains is much better than lie at the beach and feel like a fried chicken in the oven. After a long hike I found thinking myself about wisdom. Haha sorry, I tried thinking about it, how we can get more wisdom in our life. Go a way where many rocks block your way and you’ll climb each rock to get a new piece of wisdom. Or go the destructive way and destroy all rocks to grains of sand and hope that they reveal the secrets of wisdom to you. Think about yourself what will be the better way.

Life is a high mountain full of secrets
You can climb ordinary to the top or
You can try to tear down this mountain
To obtain your wisdom

Which path will you probably choose?


Ischgl, Austria, Summer 2013

Emile Sandé – Mountains

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Forlorn, for the first time ever – lonely.
Forlorn, gone is the love of my life, happiness is destroyed.
Forlorn,  dominated by grief, tears flow and flow, will never stop.
Forlorn, deep pain rips everything deep inside me, it is excruciating.

Time passes, really too slowly.
Time shall heal wounds, heal pain.
Time may you tell me, is it almost time?
Time let me know, when I’m free again.

The hope, I carry with me.
The hope, each day a new attempt to live, to survive.
The hope, find peace with the pain.
The hope,  to break free from the shackles, let go the old things, finally find new happiness.

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Time for me to listen to some Mantra songs

Sitting here in the office and waiting till the end of this day. It’s lunch time and so I’ve some minutes to write this post. We run in the second half of February and oh no, it start  snowing again. Snowflakes are falling on my roof window and melt immediately. The streets are slippery and let the car drivers curse. The white snow enchant the roofs of my village. The bell of the church in the background rings. I feel relaxed.


I start listen to some Mantra songs by the great singer Dechen Shak-Dagsay.  I’m not religious but this music starts deep inside of me an emotionally fire. It gives me an inner satisfaction and let me have such a good afternoon, no matter that I still have to work later. I’ll let you feel the same and share some songs with you. The first song ‘Life’s A Beach’  is accompanied by wonderful pictures. Relax and enjoy it 🙂

Have you know that Tina Turner did a project with Dechen Shak-Dagsay and singing  Mantras? Yes or no, no matter what your answer is: close your eyes and let the following song open your inner eye.

Don’t worry, I’m not changing my religious attitude now. My intention is only that music gives me the chance to feel the spirit in it. I hope you guys can feel it too 🙂

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One December Morning

This cold and frosty morning started with a foggy red sky.


The radio played this beautiful song while I watched the sunrise.

Last day of fall. Soon, the days are getting longer again. Finally. I was not made for the winter time. Five days before Christmas there is no snow is in sight in the next days. For all Christians, I wish you a Merry Christmas, for non Christians, I wish Happy Holidays and for all folks, I wish a Happy New Year where all you wishes are fulfilled.

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I love life

Life is a sequence of beautiful, funny and horrible moments which surround you every single day.

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The warm days are over and the cold days come

Summer died this week. After the last weekend full of sunshine and warm temperatures this weekend was pretty cold. Sleet the whole day, let the streets with the yellow, red and brown colored leaves be a slippery adventure. Cold wind blew around my head, my ears were frozen, my legs and my feet were under cooled. For hours geese screaming were in the air, covered by grey clouds. There, suddenly the clouds cleared and you can saw hundreds of geese separated in three groups, coming from north, south and east, banded together and flew toward France, Spain until Africa. There stood me, with my head tilted back, look after them till they disappeared. To felt this cold and fresh air, to be outside at this uncomfortable day made me, why not, happy. I continued my work. Some few things still must be done to prepare the garden for the dark time of the year. I was in the rush. The darkness comes fast this days.

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