The mountains

Vacation is one of the best things in life. I think, go hiking in the mountains is much better than lie at the beach and feel like a fried chicken in the oven. After a long hike I found thinking myself about wisdom. Haha sorry, I tried thinking about it, how we can get more wisdom in our life. Go a way where many rocks block your way and you’ll climb each rock to get a new piece of wisdom. Or go the destructive way and destroy all rocks to grains of sand and hope that they reveal the secrets of wisdom to you. Think about yourself what will be the better way.

Life is a high mountain full of secrets
You can climb ordinary to the top or
You can try to tear down this mountain
To obtain your wisdom

Which path will you probably choose?


Ischgl, Austria, Summer 2013

Emile Sandé – Mountains

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2 Responses to The mountains

  1. easybella says:

    Love this one 🙂

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