Forlorn, for the first time ever – lonely.
Forlorn, gone is the love of my life, happiness is destroyed.
Forlorn,  dominated by grief, tears flow and flow, will never stop.
Forlorn, deep pain rips everything deep inside me, it is excruciating.

Time passes, really too slowly.
Time shall heal wounds, heal pain.
Time may you tell me, is it almost time?
Time let me know, when I’m free again.

The hope, I carry with me.
The hope, each day a new attempt to live, to survive.
The hope, find peace with the pain.
The hope,  to break free from the shackles, let go the old things, finally find new happiness.

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2 Responses to Forlorn

  1. I love your poem and have attached it to a blog post I will be posting on 17th March. If you will allow me to…please let me know so I can publish it or delete it.
    Thank you

    • Hi Mandy! I’m happy to hear that you like my poem and that you want to publish it on your blog. Sure you can do it. Please, let me know how you want attach my poem. Do you’ll include a link to my blog or mention my blog?

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