The Eyes …. Of No Return

Saw in your eyes, one little moment too long, why?
No escape, fascinated by the purity and brilliance.

Why are you not dodged my view?
Have ignored it, now everything is complicated.

You go not out of my mind, what sense does that still makes?
To be without you, opens a big dark hole.

I need to find you, where can I find you?
Need to talk to you, need to smell and feel you.

You know nothing about me, do not know anything about me, but can you feel the same for me?
I’ll look for you always, always suffer as long to find you.

There is no going back, where are you?
I cannot escape your eyes, I must find you.

I’m sad.

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2 Responses to The Eyes …. Of No Return

  1. Marina says:

    Perhaps, i can interpret everything the opposite way, but in this poem i see a soul that is torn apart..You say “I’ll look for you always” and at the same time “There is no going back”. I guess something is in the way, something is holding back..Or it’s an escape from sadness and loneliness.

    • Gabriella says:

      It’s an interesting interpretation. Mine is very simple and maybe banal, but I don’t feel any contradiction when you say “I’ll look for you always” and then “There is no going back”. There is no going back because you have understood that she has come into your heart to stay and you can’t do anything to erase her from your mind now. And you will not get peace until you find her again. Consequently you will look for her always. Of course you could have written “I have to forget you”, but it hadn’t been love! I like this poem very much!

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