For ever

Run, run far away,
Candlelight makes dancing shadows on the wall,
Go, go yes, but not forever,
Cold, dark, snowflakes in the wind,
She runs, runs through the snow,
Love ends, makes senseless pain,
Lost in the red eyes full of warm tears,
The tears will getting colder, let burn the red cheeks,
Where to go, why it’s over, why it all ends.

Looking back, the door is still open,
Back, back into the security,
Go, go on into, but now forever,
Try it again, the world keeps turning,
He keeps her in his arms, she wants never to leave him again,
Love always finds a way.

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2 Responses to For ever

  1. Shalu says:

    “Love always finds a way.” Amen to that.
    Cheers, Shalu.

  2. Gabriella says:

    I like this poem very much. “Love always finds a way”, I don’t know, I wish it did.

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